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       We custom produce molded silicone sealing o-rings and rubber orings for many applications, especially eletronics, as it is high heat resistant. FDA food grade silicone is available.
        Below are some examples of silicone rubber o-rings we have custom made. Want to make your design? Welcome to contact us at

custom molded rubber silicone orings o-ring seals

Compression Mold for Rubber Silicone Oring

Oring Manufacturer China

Compression Mold for Rubber Silicone O-ring

O-ring Manufacturer China

Custom Molded Rubber Silicone Oring Seals

Rubber Silicone Oring Seals

Custom Heat Resistant Silicone Oring

Silicone Oring China

Custom Molded Transparent Silicone Oring

Transparent Silicone Oring

Custom Molded Silicone O-ring Oring

Silicone O-ring Manufacturer China

Custom Molded Rubber Oring O-ring

Rubber Oring Manufacturer China

Custom Molded Rubber Oil Seal

Oil Seal Manufacturer

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Compression molding | Mass production for custom molded silicone and rubber parts

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