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Silk screen printing is usually called as "screen printing". As per Wikipedia, screen printing first appeared in China during the Song Dynasty (960–1279 AD). It was then adapted by other Asian countries like Japan, and was further created using newer methods. In modern times, screen printing is more versatile than traditional printing techniques. The surface does not have to be printed under pressure, and it does not have to be planar. Different inks can be used to work with a variety of materials, such as textiles, ceramics, wood, paper, glass, metal, and plastic. As a result, screen printing is used in many different industries, including but not limited to clothing, electronics, decorations, medical, traffic, signs and displays, etc.

A screen is made of a piece of mesh stretched over a frame. The mesh could be made of a synthetic polymer, such as nylon, and a finer and smaller aperture for the mesh would be utilized for a design that requires a higher and more delicate degree of detail. For the mesh to be effective, it must be mounted on a frame and it must be under tension. The frame which holds the mesh could be made of diverse materials, such as wood or aluminum, depending on the sophistication of the machine or the artisan procedure.

Below are pictures of screen printing processings, and some examples of rubber and silicone parts whose logo are printed by screen printing

Logo Screen Printing China Screen Printing China
Keypads Screen Printing Bracelets Logo Printing


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